10 Tips to Optimize Your Career Security: Practices of Successful Professionals.

One of the biggest concerns of people have today is job security. While it is the new normal that job security doesn’t exist, the good news is we can significantly improve our career security. Too many professionals let their career happen to them. They put their nose to the grindstone and assume their work willContinue reading “10 Tips to Optimize Your Career Security: Practices of Successful Professionals.”

How to Increase Your Career Security Through Professional Associations

The other day, I had the opportunity to speak to the Future Business Leaders of America at Cal-State Fullerton. During the question and answer session, one of the members asked, given the current lack of job security in corporate American, what can they do to create their own career security? As you have read inContinue reading “How to Increase Your Career Security Through Professional Associations”

Is Your Job Search Under House Arrest?

I was recently lucky enough to be invited to join a speakers and writers mastermind group. As my practice grows, and my opportunities for writing and speaking increase, I wanted to surround myself with some of the best minds in the area. Saturday was my first opportunity to participate. In the course of the conversation,Continue reading “Is Your Job Search Under House Arrest?”

How Accountability Cultivates Success

In my last two blogs I discussed steps that, as part of your career management strategies, will help you maximize and realize your potential. Since implementation and follow-thru are key ingredients to the success of these steps, I was asked by several readers about my thoughts on accountability. What is accountability, and why do weContinue reading “How Accountability Cultivates Success”

10 Steps to take your career from running in the rat race to playing Above The Rim

In my previous post, I wrote about 10 steps professionals in transition can take to rise up to their purpose. I received several comments that with a few modifications, this is also appropriate for professionals who are not in transition, so I decided to write a new post from this focus. Has the rat raceContinue reading “10 Steps to take your career from running in the rat race to playing Above The Rim”

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Shout-Out of Thanks!

As I get started in blogging, I would like to give a quick shout-out to some of the people I am indebted to for mentoring and helping to shape my career. First to my Career Coach Mentors: John Hall, Kimberly Roush and Robert Owen, Thank you so much for your guidance and kind support. WhatContinue reading “Shout-Out of Thanks!”