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In today’s market, job seekers brand themselves as job seekers, making themselves nothing more than a commodity to compete against the heard of other job seekers, with very little to differentiate themself from everyone else.

Are you a commodity, or are you a diamond that is going to bring value in addition to the tasks you do? Do you let all your skills, experiences and passions shine as facets of the diamond?

Above The Rim Executive Coaching offers regular workshops with 3 primary goals in mind:

  1. Give you Advanced Career Strategy Tools that not only will help you land your career position as soon as possible, but give you the tools to make your facets shine, and maximize your potential throughout your career.
  2. Work in a peer group atmosphere that not only enables you to build your network, but gain from the tremendous experience of other professionals in the workshop, enabling you to polish more facets of your brand.
  3. Hands On experience in crafting and using the tools to give you the confidence to take your career above the rim.

Check out upcoming workshops by clicking here.

One thought on “Workshops

  1. Your workshop was excellent in clarifying the most up-to-date practices and strategies for using LinkedIn as a career management tool. I left with concrete examples and actionable items. Looking forward to attending your next workshop!

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