I was recently lucky enough to be invited to join a speakers and writers mastermind group. As my practice grows, and my opportunities for writing and speaking increase, I wanted to surround myself with some of the best minds in the area. Saturday was my first opportunity to participate. In the course of the conversation, Mark Fierle, author of Rekindling The American Dream, made a comment that really resonated with me, not only as a speaker and writer, but as an executive coach. Paraphrasing, he said that the best authors are those that are out and about, experiencing what others are experiencing, engaging in dialogue and learning about critical hot button issues. It is the same thing for job hunters. The most successful are those who are out and about, talking with key players in their target industry, communicating and learning what keeps decision makers up at night, understanding what the hot button issues are that need to be addressed. It is with this information that a job hunter can transform their branding from that of a job seeker to that of a value added solution. Do not conduct your job search as if you are under house arrest. Don’t be a slave to your resume. Yes, social media and internet are important components of what you need to do, but they are only part of a balanced approach. They can be scheduled any part of the morning or night. Get away from your computer. Get out and about. Know the pulse of your opportunities, so you can leverage your skills, passions and experiences to solve the headaches of your target company.

  1. DanTrojacek says:

    Great blog, Greg! Sometimes our bindings become our blindings and keep us from keeping our eye on the real goal.

  2. Bernice Kao says:

    As a career coach, I agree with you on putting “get out and about” as one of the main ingredients of a successful job search. I have met too many slaves of resumes. They insist resume will get them the job. I continue to see little “activities” during their job hunting process.

    I suggest to many of my students to make a daily/weekly/monthly plan. For instance, learn a new buzz word in your industry; find out what’s the new trend in your business sector from your local paper; join the free mixer of Chamber of Commerce; call someone you don’t know for advice because you were refered to; visit a new business for information interview, etc. You will keep notes of what happens and follow up. All these activities take planning to execute and believe me, every one of them is doable.
    Use a log to keep track of the planned activities. You will be busier than you have had a job. There is no time to worry; and your future employers will call you before you know it.
    Bernice Kao
    Career Coach

  3. Greg, well written. Too many job seekers get so house bound that they slowly become anti-social. Just getting out of the house and talking to people becomes a daunting task. By getting out several times a week, will do much to remind them that they are social animals who need to connect with other people. It gets people in the framework of reaching out and connecting to people which is something social media will never do for them at home. ; -)


    John P. Coffey
    President, JobTabs, LLC

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