5 EZ Steps To Leverage LinkedIn Skills & Endorsements For Your Success

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful Career Management tools business professionals can tap into to maximize the achievement of their objectives. LinkedIn has recently rolled out a new feature that is a great way to facilitate this and to enhance your online brand. Like all Social media, LinkedIn requires two key philosophies. First isContinue reading “5 EZ Steps To Leverage LinkedIn Skills & Endorsements For Your Success”

Does Restructuring to Cut Costs Really Work?

  Over the past several years, the news has been filled with huge layoffs by companies trying to cut costs. Is this a strategy that really helps a company? Every day, in the course of networking, I have the opportunity to talk with, not only people who are in transition because of cost cutting efforts,Continue reading “Does Restructuring to Cut Costs Really Work?”

Strategies to Successfully Hunt in the Hidden Job Market

Last week I discussed the best way to get around the salary question for online applications is to stop relying on online applications and pursue the hidden job market. This makes sense not only to get around the salary question, and the general road block of HR, but also because 80% of the truly openContinue reading “Strategies to Successfully Hunt in the Hidden Job Market”

5-3-1 Method for Maximizing Job Hunting Success

FOCUS & DIVERSIFICATION ┬áThis post is from an anonymous contributor to my blog. In today’s world, the reality and facts of life are that no job lasts forever, job security is a thing of the past, and sooner or later, each and every one of us will find themselves involved in a job search, andContinue reading “5-3-1 Method for Maximizing Job Hunting Success”