Job Interview Preparation – How To “Tell Me About Yourself”.

Almost every job interview begins with the interviewer asking the interviewees to tell about themselves. This seemingly innocent and obvious question sinks more interviews than any other part of the interview. Everyone knows this question is coming, however, very few candidates prepare for this. They assume that they know their background, and so they canContinue reading “Job Interview Preparation – How To “Tell Me About Yourself”.”

How Do You Get Around The Salary Question On The Online Application?

  In my last blog on answering the salary question in the interview, so many people wanted to know how to get around the salary question when filling out an online application. The unfortunate reality is that if you are going fill out online applications, you will need to answer the salary question. The bestContinue reading “How Do You Get Around The Salary Question On The Online Application?”

E-mail Privacy and the Job Search – Are you accessible?

Often in the course of my networking, I run into job seekers that are unwittingly hampering their job search. An effective job search consists of much more than submitting resumes to jobs found on the job board. The objective is to find and be found. The problem is, so many people are so concerned aboutContinue reading “E-mail Privacy and the Job Search – Are you accessible?”

Are you a commodity or a value added solution?

What do you do? How do you answer this question? Most people I talk to respond by giving their title. When giving an elevator pitch, most people name tasks that they perform on the job, often giving a laundry list. When I ask an IT manager what they do, they might talk about implementing andContinue reading “Are you a commodity or a value added solution?”