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This past week, I was talking with an accountability group, and we started talking about healthcare. For individuals in transition or who are under employed, health care can be one of the most stressful issues in our lives. So many people are forced to make decisions detrimental to their health based on their current financial situation and lack of knowledge for healthcare options. Therefore I would like to discuss some options here. If you have other information to benefit others, I would appreciate your comments and suggestions.

Every state is different, but for everyone in California who has children, and is in transition, or under employed, you can get coverage at least for the children. Healthy Families is a state program to make sure all children have coverage.  Eligibility is based on household size and income. Click here for Healthy Families Applications

Also in California, medi-cal may be available for low or no income individuals. Applications are available at local county social services departments. In Orange County, click here for Social Services information.

For those that purchase medical insurance, due to the costs many are forced to purchase the lowest cost insurance which is often a high deductable insurance.  Unfortunately with a high deductible, every visit, every test, every thing is extremely expensive. This leads to not going to the doctor, and the insurance being only for the purposes of catastrophic coverage.  Some Insurance providers have financial assistance programs. For example, Kaiser Permanente has a Medical Financial Assistance program (for those already enrolled in their insurance programs). It provides financial assistance for low income families, and covers all or a portion of co-pays that the patient is responsible for.  Eligibility is based on household size and income. For Kaiser, click here for the Medical Financial Assistance Application  

If you have a high deductible insurance, and are not going to the doctor because you cannot afford to, please check with your insurance and see what plans they may have for financial assistance. Ask for financial assistance!

If any of you have information to add that can help others in this area, please let us know what information you have found in your area or with your insurance that may help others. Thank you for paying it forward!


In my last two blogs I discussed steps that, as part of your career management strategies, will help you maximize and realize your potential. Since implementation and follow-thru are key ingredients to the success of these steps, I was asked by several readers about my thoughts on accountability. What is accountability, and why do we need it. Accountability, in its simplest terms is the owning of the responsibility of our actions or lack thereof, as well as the resulting outcomes. In today’s society, accountability usually revolves around changing life behaviors such as going on a diet, or in the achievement of goals and completion of projects. In fact, project management is a great way of looking at accountability. So, what are the aspects of accountability, and how can we maximize our success in achieving our goals or desired results.

  • Desire for Accountability
    • Determine: is it more painful to stay where you are now, or do the work necessary to achieve your mission? If the pain of doing the work is greater than the pain of staying where you are, and you do not want to do what it takes, you will not be accountable.
  • Get into or form an accountability group. In the workplace this can be in the shape of department or committee meetings. For individuals in career transition, or maximizing their career opportunities, this would be in the form of groups that meet on a regularly scheduled basis. What are characteristics and components of a good accountability group?
    • Confidentiality – what is discussed in the accountability group must stay in the group, in order to create a safe environment.
    • Willingness to share and be open within the group
    • Comprised of individuals committed to achieving success
    • Comprised of individuals from diverse backgrounds and with diverse strengths to complement each other.
    • Willingness to be tough and demanding in the completion of commitments and achievement of goals.
    • Desire to share and celebrate the successes of milestones and realization of achievements.
  • Establish an accountability partner. While many of the components of an accountability group and accountability partner over lap, they are slightly different, and utilizing both will enhance your prospects. An accountability group offers a greater breadth of expertise and resources, an accountability partner allows for deeper support and commitment to success.
  • Determine your goals.
    • Establish your major goal, for example landing your next career position
    • Ascertain a desired timeline that is realistic to achieve success.
    • Break up the goal into different components that will help you achieve you’re your end game.
    • Break up the components into bite size milestones and tasks
  • Write down your goals with timeline – a goal in the head is unlikely to be achieved, while putting it down on paper impacts our commitment to achieving the goal and makes the realization much more likely.
  • Schedule your activity to achieve your milestones and goals. Put it in your calendar! If you are doing company research, put in your calendar when you will be doing your research. Be Specific! So often I hear people say they don’t have time to put everything into their calendar, or that they don’t want to “pin themselves down and lose their flexibility”. To put a different spin on one of John Wooden‘s quotes, failing to schedule your milestones is scheduling to fail your milestones.
  • Share the goals and milestones with the accountability group and partner. While writing down the goal greatly increases success, committing in front of others brings it to a different level all together.
  • Celebrate all your achievements big and small!

Here’s to your success in 2012! Share your thoughts on accountability, and where you have had success. I am looking forward to hearing your comments.