Are you preparing to succeed in your interview?

 In an article in Sports Illustrated on Mike Brown, the new Lakers coach, Lee Jenkins writs about how Brown strategically prepared for his next job. “No one wants to follow a legend, but Mike Brown knew Jackson was retiring, and he found himself watching the Lakers more than the Heat. By midseason he was taking notes onContinue reading “Are you preparing to succeed in your interview?”

How to integrate Accomplishment Statements into your Personal Branding

In my previous post, we saw how to develop accomplishment statements into 30 word or less RA (quantified Result & Action) statements. Now that you have them, how do you put them to use? These are the foundation for building your personal brand. The RA statements are what you use to articulate your value inContinue reading “How to integrate Accomplishment Statements into your Personal Branding”

How to use Accomplishments to build your Brand Foundation

The first step in recognizing your personal brand identity is to understand what sets you apart from every other person competing with you for jobs. First, we are all created different. As I mentioned in the introduction we each have a unique set of skills, passions and experiences. We need to do a self-assessment toContinue reading “How to use Accomplishments to build your Brand Foundation”

How to effectively and efficiently leverage the power of Social Media in your job search.

The Ayres Hotel 4785 Chino Hills Parkway, Chino Hills, CA Saturday, November 5, 2011 8:00 am ~ 4:00 pm For registration contact Liz Lavaveshkul at We are currently in the most challenging job market of our lifetime. Job security is no longer provided by corporate America. How do we compete against the hoards ofContinue reading “How to effectively and efficiently leverage the power of Social Media in your job search.”

Personal Brand Identity and Career Management

In our current job market and economic climate, one of the most sought after yet difficult to attain aspects of our career is job security. With the average tenure at corporate positions, especially the more senior ones lasting an average of two and a half to three years, where can we get our security? TheContinue reading “Personal Brand Identity and Career Management”

Tuition Free Advanced Career Strategies Aug 15 Thru 26

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Advanced Career Strategies

This week I will again be coaching the Advanced Career Strategies Class at Brandman University with John Hall. It has been my honor and privlage to work with John numerous times over the past year or so. I have learned so much from John, and working with the groups of extremely talented professionals and executives.Continue reading “Advanced Career Strategies”

Shout-Out of Thanks!

As I get started in blogging, I would like to give a quick shout-out to some of the people I am indebted to for mentoring and helping to shape my career. First to my Career Coach Mentors: John Hall, Kimberly Roush and Robert Owen, Thank you so much for your guidance and kind support. WhatContinue reading “Shout-Out of Thanks!”