This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend a BBQ networking event hosted by my friend Wayne Yoshida. The idea is simple. You are always attending various types of networking events where you have a short time to connect with a large number of new people. Wayne’s inspiration, which was from reading the book Never Eat Alone, is rather simple. Invite people you meet at some of these events, along with some people you regularly network with, and get together over a BBQ and pot luck. You have a few hours to talk in an informal and relaxed environment and an opportunity to get to know others in ways you do not at other networking events. So not only did we have killer ribs along with some other very good food, but I also learned quite a bit more about some people in my network, and got a better idea of how we can help each other. Maybe the next idea is Sushi Making Networking? What is your idea for fun networking?

  1. danieltstone says:

    Great idea. Thanks for posting. I look forward to organizing an event.

    • As a Texan (and to quote another one), “I endorse this message.” Any chance to eat barbeque and talk is right up my “comfort zone”. And what a great way to REALLY get to know those who are in the fight with you.

      Better yet, why not mix it up and invite some folks you know who are currently employed to participate as well? Everybody has to eat lunch sometime, right? And, done correctly, this could be a great way to help those you know who need a position to land, and those you know who need a good person to find one…

      Greg, how would you suggest someone might arrange a luncheon like this?

      • Norman, Thanks for the great comments. You can arrange to do this either in your yard, or if you have a community club house, this can also work very well. Community Parks with grills are also a great place. Determine who is going to bring and cook the meet, then ask others to bring supporting sides. I would plan on about 3 or 4 hours on a weekend afternoon, and invite a good mix of people, but I would suggest optimum numbers to be between 15 and 25 people. Hope this helps.

  2. I’ve found networking and beer mix well as everyone is more relaxed, including myself.

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