The job search can be so overwhelming. So many things to do! We know about the job boards, but how do you make your resume just right to get noticed? We all hear that networking is the way to uncover the hidden jobs, so we have to get out there and network, network, network. Now there is social media. How do you do this on top of everything else? Besides, maybe you’re thinking “I hate social media. Why do I want to tweet that I am eating at Taco Bell”? When faced with all these demands, job seekers feel they are spinning their wheels, like they are driving on ice, slipping in all directions, but not headed where they want to go. They know they need to do these activities, but they end up doing them just for the sake of doing them, without any real goal or measuring sticks to make sure they are on the right path. Or sometimes people only do what they are comfortable with. That is like driving a car with one or more flat tires. You may move some, but it is going to be a very rough ride, and it will be difficult to get to your destination. How do you stop sliding around or driving aimlessly on flat tires in your job search?

  1. Set your GPS. Map your job search plan. Know where you are, decide where you want to go, and lay out the map of how you’re going to get there. If you are not aiming to go anywhere, you will not go anywhere.
  2. Make sure all your tires are inflated. Know the goals and objectives of your job search components, so that they do not become an end to themselves. Do not spend all your time on twitter, or all your time going to networking events collecting business cards without any follow-up. Make sure the components of your job hunt are moving you through goals toward your ultimate destination, always moving forward.
  3. Get chains on your tires. Schedule your activity. Without scheduling, your job will loose traction! If you know you need to achieve certain tasks in your job hunt, schedule the time to do it. Scheduling will keep you from sliding off the road and into the ditch.
  1. Thanks very, very much for this post, which came at exactly the right time for me. You sometimes get bogged down in the details, and you need to step back every once and a while and remind yourself of what the ultimate goal is so you can prioritize.

    From a person who used to live in the Midwest and actually drive in snow, I appreciate your analogy!

  2. Steve Davies says:

    Thank you for reminding everyone how important a plan is. I’ve found that for many people, it’s the one thing that can clear away online distractions. It’s also the best way to avoid spending too long on any one detail.

    We developed PerfectJob to help automate much of the work of job search, to help make your plan come alive.

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