How is your business card branding you?

Are you in transition? Do you have a business card? What does it say about you? Why do you need a business card, what should you put on it, and what should it look like? With over 80% of jobs being landed through networking, business cards are often your first exchange of information when youContinue reading “How is your business card branding you?”

5-3-1 Method for Maximizing Job Hunting Success

FOCUS & DIVERSIFICATION  This post is from an anonymous contributor to my blog. In today’s world, the reality and facts of life are that no job lasts forever, job security is a thing of the past, and sooner or later, each and every one of us will find themselves involved in a job search, andContinue reading “5-3-1 Method for Maximizing Job Hunting Success”

How To Get Traction In Your Job Search

The job search can be so overwhelming. So many things to do! We know about the job boards, but how do you make your resume just right to get noticed? We all hear that networking is the way to uncover the hidden jobs, so we have to get out there and network, network, network. NowContinue reading “How To Get Traction In Your Job Search”

Is Your Job Search Under House Arrest?

I was recently lucky enough to be invited to join a speakers and writers mastermind group. As my practice grows, and my opportunities for writing and speaking increase, I wanted to surround myself with some of the best minds in the area. Saturday was my first opportunity to participate. In the course of the conversation,Continue reading “Is Your Job Search Under House Arrest?”