This week I will again be coaching the Advanced Career Strategies Class at Brandman University with John Hall. It has been my honor and privlage to work with John numerous times over the past year or so. I have learned so much from John, and working with the groups of extremely talented professionals and executives. Often they have come into the beginning of the class disheartened by the daunting task of getting their career back on track, and I have really enjoyed watching them get their mojo back, leaving the last day brimming with confidence in themselves and the tools they have learned that will help them get their next career position. John Hall, referred to both in the Orange County Register and Wall Street Journal as the John Wooden of career coaching, teaches that most professionals wing their job search. However in todays challenging market with downsizing, rightsizing and restructuring, it is imperative to present yourself as the A+ candidate. How do you do this? Rather than positioning yourself as a job seeker, position yourself as the solution to the problems of your target companies. We all know that most companies are not currently hiring. However, how many of you have ever worked for a company that didn’t have any problems? All companies have problems. Therefore, it is essential that you research your target companies to determine what their problems are. You then can, based on your skills and experience, brand yourself as the solution to the problems of your target companies instead of branding yourself as a job seeker. The process of branding yourself, learning to articulate and project your brand image as a solution, together with the company research is not easy. It takes a lot of hard work. That is the bad news. The good news for you is that since it is so hard, very few people are willing to embrace what it takes to do the job. If you really want your next career position, you have to be committed put the hard work and long hours into a strategic, purposefully developed advanced career plan,

  1. Mega says:

    Thank you for the wonderful insight. It really does make a difference too look from the perspective of branding yourself. Also, I feel as though as a job seeker (or solution) you need to focus on the company’s needs. For example, when listing your accomplishments or correlating life experiences with work, a few things have to be addressed; what the situation was, the task that had to be done, your action to the issue, the result, and what you learned from it.


    • gregljohnson says:


      Thanks for the comment, you are absolutely right! That is why I stated that it is imperative that you do your research on your target companies. If you do not know what their problems are, you can not brand yourself as a solutions.


  2. Sylvia Scott says:

    John Hall is literally amazing. I took his course last summer and it changed my life when it comes to writing special reports and proposals. Plus every coach that works with him in the class at Brandman University are A + in my book. So you are an A plus:)

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